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Personalise your gift with laser engraving

Engraved signet ring Engraved signet ring

We have always provided an engraving service to compliment our trophy and gift range however our new laser engraving machines have added a whole new dimension to our capability set.

We can now engrave a huge range of gift items with best sellers including; wooden chopping boards, rolling pins, wine boxes, wooden spoons and ashes caskets to name but a few.






personalised keyring Personalised his and her keyring



We can personalise your gift with laser engraving in virtually any style of text and add logos, graphics to really help you get the most from your purchase.  We can engrave a wide range of materials including; wood, leather, slate and metals so if you have an idea for a gift why not give us a call. Alternatively if you have a letter or note in your own handwriting, we can scan the document and have your personal writing engraved onto your gift. Engraving no longer has to be limited to traditional 'etching' in basic fonts although we still provide this service for numerous clubs to maintain consistency from one year to the next.




At The Big Trophy Shop we we are only limited by our your imagination. If you have an interesting idea for a gift to be engraved just give us a call and we will see if it can be done.

Just to give you an idea of some of the more unusual items we have laser engraved:

  • Fresh fruit
  • Mobile phones
  • Anodised key fobs
  • Toast shapes

For more information call: 01933 279812

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